Because each ski resort has a unique layout and its own operating challenges, LumiPlay was developed and has evolved in order to best meet the needs of its clients. It is for this reason that it is the most advanced solution in the industry and used by over 150 ski resorts worldwide.

In addition to being the system where one-time entry yields fast broadcasting across multiple media, the following strengths are what make LumiPlay a must-have for any ski resort.

Centralized Information System
  • Centralized Database: The LumiPlay cloud platform compiles and manages input related to mountain operations, snow and weather conditions, and resort happenings in the same database.
  • Single Entry for Multiple Broadcasts: Enter the content once and it can be disseminated to multiple outlets simultaneously.
  • Quick and Efficient: In a fraction of a second, urgent messages can be broadcasted all over the resort, on the ski area, or on selected lifts or runs.
Content Creation and Broadcasting
  • Intuitive Graphic Editor: The graphic editor feature is easy to use. With a few clicks, this tool creates rich, dynamic and customized content.
  • Content Playlists: Messages are compiled in a library and can be added, removed, organized, and personalized to various playlists. They can then be broadcasted in continuous loops on one or more screens.
  • Widget: LumiPlay has a library of predesigned widgets and animations to facilitate creation of unique and attractive content.
  • Smart Status: In a few clicks, create and broadcast a personalized trail and lift status list with associated messages.
Automation and Scheduling
  • Next Day Anticipation: LumiPlay allows the user to schedule trail and lift openings for the next day with the “expected for tomorrow” status.
  • Automatic Opening and Closing: Lift and trail opening and closing can be automated depending on the hours of operation schedule programmed by period (early season, holidays, weekends, etc.).
  • Delayed Opening: In case of a lift delayed opening due to high wind, avalanche control work or any other extenuating circumstance, LumiPlay can be programmed to defer a lift open time temporarily.
  • Pre-Set Messages: Messages can be programmed and automatically broadcasted depending scenarios and conditions, such as in the event of a lift closure, high wind, freezing temperature, or road conditions.
  • Sign Content Scheduler: Sign content can be prepared in advance and scheduled for one-time or regular broadcasting to specific sign locations or all of the resort’s digital signage.
  • Grooming Status Sync: Grooming status can be synced with the GPS system used by the grooming machines to update automatically the grooming status in LumiPlay.
  • Weather Conditions Sync: Weather conditions and forecast data from NOAA, Dark Sky, RWDI or the on-mountain weather stations owned by the resort can be automatically synced in LumiPlay.
User Management and History
  • Multiple Users: Each user has dedicated login credentials with defined access rights as their role necessitates, such as ski patrol, lift dispatch, or marketing. These multiple users can work in LumiPlay at the same time.
  • Activity Log: Any change that is made in LumiPlay is tracked and logged in the database in order to identify who made a modification and when.
  • Statistics Tool: LumiPlay offers a statistic tool which pulls from the entire database over several seasons. This tool allows operations and management teams to easily obtain many stats from the past about data related to grooming, lift opening, snow and weather, etc. and even to compare it between seasons.
Technical Architecture
  • API: The entire data is accessible through the LumiPlay API. The API services are accessible for external usage, such as for the resort website, the mobile app, or any third party integrations.
  • Daily Database Backup: A daily backup of the entire LumiPlay database is scheduled and sent to the Lumiplan server if ever the need to restore the database should arise.
  • Reliability and Redundancy: Lumiplan has made every effort to ensure that LumiPlay is both reliable and secure and continues to pursue excellence to maintain our impeccable performance and safety record thus far. The LumiPlay cloud infrastructure is running on the AWS Cloud Computing Services and meet the highest IT standards.
  • Language: In addition to English, LumiPlay is available in several languages including French for ski resorts in Québec (Canada).
  • Units: Units of measurement are adapted to each region (Metric and Imperial systems, Celsius and Fahrenheit temperature).
Full Service Included
  • Support and Training: The LumiPlay annual subscription includes support and training for all resort users. During the season, our support team is here to respond quickly to any questions and can assist remotely.
  • Annual Update: Each year, we update our solution with improvements and new features based on resort and user feedback. Annual configuration changes are also included.