Meet our new cloud-based platform to manage real-time information for mountain resorts

Communication today is about being informed anytime, anywhere, and about any situation. This is why Lumiplan has developed LumiPlay in response to mountain resorts’ needs to broadcast real-time information to their guests.

An intelligent software with an intuitive interface, LumiPlay lets operators communicate efficiently and proactively to resort guests about real-time conditions and broadcast the right message at the right time in the right location. LumiPlay allows for the management of real-time information, such as the snow report, weather conditions, mountain operations, marketing and events.

LumiPlay is the real-time communication solution recommended at all resort levels: mountain operations, dispatch, guest services, sales and marketing, food and beverage, retail and rental, lodging, or base area operations. Over 65+ ski resorts in North America are using LumiPlay, the new standard solution in the ski industry.

From standard to advanced features, LumiPlay will bring your communication to a higher level, a much-needed boost to customer loyalty. Because of its wide range of collected data, the software makes it possible to plan or take real-time actions such as:

Ski Area Operations

  • Trail and lift status (open, closed, on hold, expected, delayed)
  • Grooming status
  • Automatic opening and closing
  • Delayed opening
  • Lift wait time
  • Last minute alerts

Snow Report and Weather Conditions

  • Current snow conditions (height and quality of snow)
  • Last snowfall (overnight, last 24 hours, last 48 hours, last 72 hours, last 7 days)
  • Avalanche risk
  • Current weather conditions (sky conditions, temperature, wind)
  • Weather forecasts

Sales and Marketing Communications

  • Resort products and guest service information
  • Ski school, rental, food and beverage, and retail communication
  • Activities and events
  • Strategic partners